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Mary, · Queen · of · Scots

"In my end is my beginning"

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X-posted in change_history and scots_history

As a preliminary to using as a course text Friedrich Schiller’s Maria Stuart as one of my World Literature works in the Language A-1 International Baccalaureate English class I’ll be teaching in my international school next year, I decided to make myself more familiar with the life and career of the unfortunate Queen of Scots, who I already knew was one of the most maligned figures in Anglo-Saxon historiography.
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How would the history of both countries been changed?
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I am right in thinking that Mary was the only Queen Regnant of Scotland, aren't I?
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Hey! I'm Hannah and I'm new.

I'm doing an individual study for my History A'Level and I've chosen to do the relationship between Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I. I've always been fascinated by Tudor History but wanted to explore an aspect of it I hadn't studied before. I found Antonia Fraser's book on Mary et voila! 

However, I have to buy lots of books and resources to help me with my study. Instead of wasting my money on buying books that might not be good, I though I might seek some advice as to what books, websites, articles, films, documentries etc may be useful. I'm particularly interested in the period before Mary's time time in England, so anything to do with that would be incredibly helpful!

Many Thanks!

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Here's a question for you all--has anyone here ever seen the movie "Mary, Queen of Scots" with Vanessa Redgrave? What'd you think? Its been a couple of years since I've seen it, but remember really liking it. Naturally, its not historically accurate, but I remember thinking its inaccuracies were fun ones -- like the meetings between Mary and Elizabeth, they were very much how I would imagine them to be had they actually occured! Anyways, I'll discuss more of my thoughts on it if anyone responds to this, rather than ramble :)

BTW, I'm new here, my name is Jenny. :)

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I'm teaching a course on Elizabeth I at the moment & next week's class is on her interaction with Mary Queen of Scots. I tend to fall down on the side of Elizabeth but I wondered if anyone could help me out with a defence of Mary's actions?

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Now we've got a few members, I figured it was about time I made the first post in this community! I should probably start off by introducing myself - I'm a final year PhD student at the University of St Andrews, and I am writing my thesis on the Marian Civil War in Scotland (1567-1573). It covers the period from Mary's deposition by the confederate lords, up until the fall of Edinburgh Castle. It's a fascinating topic, and one that seems to have been neglected by many historians - I assume they have all followed Mary herself down to England, and largely ignored the situation in Scotland itself. I'm hoping to fill that gap, as well as thoroughly investigate the English attitudes towards Mary, and to Scotland itself, in this period. I've been interested in Mary for as long as I can remember...the first real history book that I ever read was probably Antonia Fraser's Mary, followed in rapid succession by that of Gordon Donaldson which I found lurking in the school library.

I'm not entirely sure yet how I would like to see this community develop - obviously, this is going to depend on its members! Ideally, I'd like to see lots of interesting discussions - I had initially thought about proposing a new discussion topic on a fortnightly basis, but then I thought that sounded a little too formal, and was probably my tutor side coming out! So if anyone's got any ideas, then that would be great. Things like book, tv and film recommendations would also be very much welcomed as well...in fact anything which is vaguely related to Mary - reports of visits to various Mary-related places, for example. I'll have to see if I can post some of the pictures that I've got of Lochleven.

Well, that's all for now - I should probably go and get on with the thesis :)
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